January 23, 2013

One Car Can Do It All - Jack Olsen's Porsche 911 RSR

Here is a video that differs from the Singer 911 video I posted earlier this week.

This is the story of Jack Olsen and his constant pursuit of building a Porsche 911 RSR for track and daily driving use. At some point in time, most car enthusiasts will attempt to build a car that can and will be used for all purposes. The occasional track day, to and from work, weekend cruises. You name it, the car is built for it. After a while, it's safe to say that it never ends up working out as planned. I've been in that situation...with a few cars. No matter how many times I was told as a teenager that it should be one or the other, I had to experience it first hand. Building a car to be used on a daily basis AND taken to the track is no easy feat. 

Jack Olsen has done exactly what all of us attempted...except he succeeded...in a Porsche 911. It's all come together with various parts off of different Porsche's ranging in years from 1965-2000. Then comes the never ending task of testing and tuning. The car is only half of the story. The garage that Jack built along with the Porsche is just as amazing. Let's put it this way, it's been featured in multiple magazines. When your garage is being featured in multiple magazines, you've made it. 

Once Brandi and I return from Italy, my Civic is going under the knife so that I can create my own story just like this. 

[SOURCE: Petrolicious]


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    1. You've got an amazing story, a one of a kind Porsche and a garage most can only dream of...Thank YOU for the inspiration!


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