August 1, 2011

Weekend | Warrior

Ahhh, Monday...

Let's just say I am happy the work portion of my day is coming to an end. Typically, most people dread Monday's because of the catching up and/or large work load that comes with it. Lately, everyday has felt like a Monday. This is week #3 for me of working 7 days a week. The exhaustion is starting to set in and my patience has started to diminish. It's okay all comes down to balance and leaving "work" at work when the days are done.

Let's do a quick weekend recap...

Friday - I worked from home since I had some Formula 1 related stuff to take care of...Sounds dreamy until you need to wake up at 4:45am...

Later that evening Brandi, Derek, Aly, Jered, Eric and myself all met back at K1 Speed in Torrance for some karting. Everyone did much better than I anticipated with a few of us getting on the Top 100 times of July and I actually made the list of fastest times of the week as well. Not too shabby! Going karting 3 times for a total 10 races within 1 month really makes me racing karts as a child. There's just something about it that I won't ever be able to get enough of...Then again, you can put me behind the wheel of any car (except a hybrid) on a race track and make me a happy camper.

Moving on...

SaturdayI was back to doing my Formula 1 duties for a client at 4:45am before heading home to pick up Brandi. We had an early morning appointment at our wedding location to meet with our florist. Mike, our florist, is a pretty amazing guy when it comes to flowers. He knows about flowers and is so passionate about them, it sorta reminds of myself and cars. We went over all of the placements, colors, types of flowers, candles etc.  before heading home for a MUCH needed nap. I was crankier than 2 year old who just got their bottle taken away from them.

Feeling refreshed and ready to party, we headed over to my aunts house for a surprise party. My mom put on quite the football themed party for her boyfriend Joe. Cotton candy machine, check! Popcorn machine, check! Nacho machine, check! Hot dogs and hamburgers, check! Ice cream station, check! Fully stocked bar, CHECK! Joe used to play football back in the day and has now taken on the roll as producer for the hit TV show, Necessary Roughness on USA...hence the football themed party...

This was also the perfect opportunity for Brandi and I to bust out our custom Dallas Cowboys jerseys courtesy of my mom. I gotta say, the name Brandi Scarpelli sure does have a nice 'ring' to it! <--- See what I did there? If not it's fine...Brandi is my biggest fan she'll get it...

Needless to say it was the typical group of cousins taking shot after shot before finally calling it a night.

Sunday - Sunday started off at, yep you guessed 4:45am to tackle the Formula 1 race. This time, I took a nap as soon as the race was over so I was ready for a long day. Brandi cleaned out our guest bedroom which was starting to look like a room packed by a hoarder. Granted, it was all wedding stuff but it was beginning to get out of hand. Not anymore!

We then headed over to my mom's house for quick bite to eat and so Joe could open all of his birthday presents. After that, we went to A Sweet Design for some cake tasting. Not being a fan of cake, it's hard to please me let alone impress me. Call me biased, by my mom makes the best cake. We fell in love with the flavors, styles available and of course the how cost effective it is for what you get. We liked it so much that we already picked out our cake, colors and flavors...bought and paid for sucka!

After that we headed off to see Crazy Stupid Love which was actually an awesome movie! Coming from someone who hates movies, that should really mean something!

All and all it was great weekend! The wedding RSVP's are starting to arrive already! The days are tickin' away!

Until tomorrow...



  1. it sure does have a nice RING to it. ♥ you're funny. im your biggest fan.

    love you!

  2. Love the jersey pic! Only thing missing was me!! No worries football season is coming up.


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