August 3, 2011

Final Countdown | Wedding Dances

Today marks the official 30 day countdown to Brandi and I getting married. To think that 9 months has already come and gone is a real eye opener that time really does fly when you're having fun! Every day that goes by makes me realize that I am that much closer to marrying my soul mate, junior high school sweetheart, best friend and biggest fan. With how quickly the past 9 months have gone by, I'm prepared for the next 30 days to to be a complete blur.

Recently, Brandi and I have been going over a list of must have songs being played at the wedding. This is obviously a very crucial part of the day since we all know the "party" portion of the wedding is what most guests remember. Good music and an open bar usually help bring out the best dance moves people have in their arsenal of body movements.

Being 1/2 Mexican and 1/2 Italian, dancing happens at any party we attend. Shit, we don't even need to be at a party in order to dance. One person that never seems to mind is Brandi. She's a dancing machine! I'm confident she'll light the floor on fire with her moves...Me on the other hand is another story. Although I am beyond the typical "white guy" snap and bob your head moves without any rhythm, I'm still no professional nor am I going to impress anyone.

Considering I'm the groom, I've been thinking of a signature move for the reception. Let's face it, you have to bust out something to get the guests hyped along with allowing for some embarrassment to be placed on yourself. With all of the weddings I've been to, it seems like an unwritten law for the groom. 

With the "shuffle" and "jerk" on the list of popular dances nowadays, they seem to be more and more appealing.

I've been doing some research for inspiration and here's what I've come up with so far. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment.

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