August 8, 2011

Bar Hopping | Beer Pong B-Day | Vows

Coming off of a 21 day work streak without a day off, I was ready for a normal weekend filled with friends and family.

Let's to the recap!


Brandi and I have been on a hardcore saving mission lately so even when we do get free time, it's typically spent at home with each other, eating and enjoying a few drinks. It was nice getting out of the house with some friends and catching up over some bomb food and good beer. Paul and Marie, old friends who live in New York and who are in the Air Force, came into in town. We them and a few others at Henry's Hat in Studio City. The vibe was really chill and although we didn't eat there, the food looked boombastic.  The cool part about this bar is how they keep you there. There is a whole section of board games ranging from Candy Land to Apples to Apples for customers to play. You name it, they most likely have it. This is all equals way more fun than just standing around drinking and people watching. Once we finished playing, Paul announced that he and Marie are expecting parents! Talk about exciting news out of nowhere! I couldn't think of a better couple to raise a child. Big congrats to them and best of luck on the new adventure they're now on.

We decided that celebratory beers and more food were now needed. We ended up trying another place in Sherman Oaks called Boneyard Bistro. They're known for their killer bbq food and great beer selection. It was highly recommended that we taste the pork belly skewers. I have to admit, those and a good IPA hot the spot around 12 midnight! We called it a night and headed back to the crib for some much needed sleep.


Was all about production and boozin'! We opened up a gift that arrived and anyone who knows Mixie, knows she's a sucker for a box. She wasted no time making herself comfortable.

We headed to downtown so Brandi could pick out some lace for the bridesmaids bouquets. It was back to the valley we went to drop off a swatch at A Sweet Design. Since it was our friend Greg's birthday we made sure to spoil him with some of their cupcakes that are literally to die for.

We headed over to Greg's for a some bbq'ing, pool time and beer pong! I'll admit, Brandi and I got whooped at beer pong. I just wasn't my typical self that day. Tracy on the other hand was on fire all day and night!

Derek and Aly showed up later on to join in on the fun! Dstezzy was all smiles once the beer was flowin'!


While Brandi and a few other girls went wig hunting for Vegas, I took this opportunity to do something special. One my favorite places is Willow Springs Raceway. I grew up racing karts out there for many years and it's always been a very special place for me. Many memories involve this race track so any time I need to escape, get away or collect my thoughts, this is where I go. Since Brandi and I are writing our own wedding vows, I knew that I needed to write them at the track. It was an emotional time for sure but considering these will be the most important words of my life, I wouldn't expect this to be an easy task. I'm confident that Brandi will approve of my promise and I feel like anyone in attendance will get my message as well. Tears will flow, that's a promise.

I came back home emotionally exhausted just in time to meet Brandi, Liques and my mom for dinner and beverages at Federal in North Hollywood. Although I wasn't impressed with the chicken salad I got, the Federal buffalo chicken wings were off the chizz-ain. I also snagged a few bites of Brandi's tomato soup and grilled cheese...not too shabby! 

That concludes up this edition of 'Weekend Wrap Up' with Brandon Scarpelli. Hope you've all had a productive Monday...

Until next time...


  1. i can't wait to be your wife!
    24 days!!!!!

    i love you and your blog posting!

  2. no weekend work streaks suck! i love both of your blogs! thank you both so much - i'm so glad we got to hang out with you guys. can't wait to celebrate the Big day with you two and see how your next chapter unfolds, too!


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