August 11, 2011

Las Vegas | Bachelor/ette | Weekend

Well, the time has come. What time is it you ask? Time for 30 of us to venture off into the wild...Las Vegas, we're comin' for ya. Since most of our friends and wedding party are in relationships, 90% of our group are all couples. Oddly enough, out of the 30 people going, Brandi and I have only been to Vegas with about 5 of them. How? I have no idea! As far as I'm concerned, it's going to make the trip that much better.

Although we're all going out there together, most of what's happening will be separate. The guys are staying at the Palms while the girls will be at the Venetian.

Friday night the girls are doing their thing while us guys do our own. Saturday the fella's will be doing some hungover karting to hopefully sweat out most of what of the booze that was consumed Friday afternoon/night. After that I'm sure we'll head over to the pool, gamble and of course continue drinking. Once the sun goes down, more mayhem is in store. All 30 of us are going to Bautista's for an Italian feast before we take over LAX for some bottle service. 

Given the people who are attending, half of me is as excited as ever, the other half is absolutely terrified.

Around 3am  this morning, I found myself wide awake due to the following images running through my mind.

I'm sure you're all thinking that the Hangover movie stuff is all an exaggeration. Let's just say that the last time my brother, who is my best man, took a groom to Vegas for his bachelor party, the Hangover storyline was an exact replica of their weekend, minus to tiger and Mike Tyson. Aside from that, the groom went missing, ended up in the hospital and was not found until the following day. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that's going to happen to me but this is Vegas...anything is possible! I have every right to be slightly worried. I even double checked my dental AND health insurance to make sure I'm covered.

Regardless of what happens this weekend, I know one thing, it's going to be epic and a trip nobody will forget.

Be gentle Vegas.

Until next time...


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