January 21, 2013

Italy Preparations Continue & A Weekend Full Of Dates

The weeks continue to countdown as Brandi and I prepare for the big day. It's crazy that we have been living through this process, preparing, selling stuff, giving stuff away and moving in with the in-laws over the past 1 year. For many months, we kept our mouths shut about moving so to a lot of people, this may seem like recent news. I won't lie, as awesome, memorable and amazing of an opportunity this is, it's taxing. Practically every morning before work and every night after work, it's been all about Italy.  There's been no such thing as down time or a time when we've been wondering what to do that day. It's a constant grind to make sure this move is done as perfect, safe and organized as possible. To my knowledge, there's no 'Moving To Italy 101' crash course out there for us to follow. 

One thing is for sure, when the dust settles and we're moved into our new place, every second that went into this will be more than worth it. 

Aside from a full work week, it was a quite productive as well. 

The Civic got a new transmission and more needed prep work to be stored.
I was also fortunate enough to sell the Scion xB within a few days of posting it for sale. That was such a great car that came in handy so many times. That was definitely the most practical, functional and fun cars I've owned. The 'Silver Bullet' now has a new home.
Friday I spent the day running around and working from a few different places. One of which was SMI Merchandising. If you ever need any apparel, promotional products, corporate gifts, etc., you've found the right place. They're on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so be sure to follow/like them for various ideas and promotions. We use them for all sorts of different client projects and they come through for us every single time. 
Later that night we headed out to Harvard and Stone in Hollywood for Tracy's birthday. At the door I was told that no pictures were allowed during the burlesque show...therefore, you're left with this being the only picture I took that night. Hipster bar deserves a hipster light picture. 
Most of Saturday was spent gathering more goodies for the Civic, selling a bed on Craigslist, tinkering with the ShifterKart, detailing Brandi's car and a nap. Brandi was out celebrating the BBC's birthday at the spa. By the time she got home, we were both starving and in need of a date night. Something's Fishy is an oldie but goodie type restaurant and definitely hit the spot that night. 
After showing the townhouse to potential renter, Derek, Aly, Brandi and myself headed to Malibu Wines to use a GroupOn that Aly had. A slight hiccup in our plans took us from Malibu Wines to Malibu Beach Wines - which turned out to be closed so we went back to Malibu Wines. Confusing...I know...but we made it work. 
Southern California got a nice dose of warm weather this weekend so there were quite a few people there also enjoying the live music while sipping their wine of choice. After a few bottles and devouring 2 bags of snacks from Trader Joe's, we headed to Calamigo's Ranch for dinner. 
We did our traditional walk of the property to check out all of the wedding venues before having dinner at M Cafe. It's always such a treat to visit the place we got married.  

The past month has been quite the adjustment for us with so much going on but this was definitely the weekend we needed. 

Until next time...

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