March 1, 2013

Officially Paying Rent....In Italy

Although things are moving at an extremely slow rate with our Italian Visa's, that doesn't mean progress can't be made in other areas of our transition over there.

Earlier today, Brandi and I finally signed the contract and wired the money to officially make this our new home.

Back in October when we went to visit, one of the main reasons was to find a place to live...and we did just that. After a week of house hunting, we met with a real estate agent on our last night at 10pm to get about 5 minutes to walk through this place. It's literally 2 short blocks out of the center of Florence and maybe 5 minutes from Brandi's new office. Between the convenience of where it's located, the Americanized amenities (wifi, flat screen, washer/dryer) and the affordability, we couldn't have been luckier to find this place when we did. The owner and real estate agent have been a huge help throughout this process and extremely patient with how long it's taken.

The apartment is fully furnished which is a huge convenience for us. Aside from clothes and our cats, we aren't bringing anything else. That should help us get settled in much faster although I'm sure there are going to be plenty of visits to the farmers market and local shops for us to pick up some new Italian decor.

We're one big step closer so hopefully we get the go ahead to buy plane tickets next week! 

Until next time...

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