January 3, 2013

Larry Chen - One Trillion Pictures Later

I first met Larry Chen when we hired him as the staff photographer while I was working alongside Redline Time Attack. However, I had been familiar with his work long before that through Formula DRIFT images he would post. 

Almost every Monday morning I would check his site (driftfotos.com) to see what photos had been updated from the weekends previous automotive events. Fast forward about 4 years and I am still lucky enough to work alongside Larry as he was the staff photographer for Formula DRIFT in 2012 and is now one of the primary contributors of Speedhunters.com

Of the thousands of images Larry takes at any given event let alone an entire year, I never get sick of his work. It doesn't matter if it's a car, a place or a person, he knows what it takes to capture you as the viewer and does a damn fine job at it. It's great to see the success Larry has had because anyone will tell you, Larry is one of the, if not THE, hardest working photographer in the automotive industry. 

He recently posted his 2012 Year In Review on Speedhunters but here are just a few samples to get you all buttered up before you check out his entire post.

I'm definitely looking forward to working more with Larry in 2013 and really hope that he is able to make it out to Italy for a visit! I can only imagine the photos he would capture in a place like Florence.

CLICK HERE to see Larry's entire post featured on Speedhunters.

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  1. im so excited for him to take pics of us in Florence! :)


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