January 30, 2013

24 Hours of Spa Francorchamps - Raw Speed Through Eau Rouge

One of the most famous tracks in the world is Spa Francorchamps located in Belgium. Known for hosting some incredible races over many years, the Eau Rouge corner is one of the more famous spots on the track. During the last 24 Hour race held here, the DRIVE network managed to get some awesome nighttime footage that really helps give you a good perspective on how fast these cars are really traveling.


A track that has changed configuration countless times over it's history. A circuit that has taken lives, created legends, and has no shortage of emotions for the brave men and women who race around it or spectate along the fences. Though not as long as the famous Northern Loop of the Nurburgring, the elevation and weather of Spa is what makes it world famous. Join Leo Parente and the DRIVE crew for an adventure you won't soon forget.

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