December 31, 2012

2012 | Year in Review

If you would've asked me 1, 5 or even 10 years ago if I'd be where I am today, I would have laughed at you...pretty hard actually. I'm not talking about where I am as in where I stand, but where I am with myself. Where I am with my marriage. Where I am with my career. Where I am with my mind. Where I am with my emotions. Where I am with me. 

Here is a small glimpse of what I was fortunate to live out in 2012.

Venice Beach (Venice Beach, CA) | January 2012

Skyping with Brandi While She was in Florence, Italy on a Business Trip | January 2012

Pirelli Supercross Event at Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles, CA) | January 2012

Brandi and I made the Switch from Droid to iPhone (Woodland Hills, CA) | February 2012

29th Birthday Dinner with Brandi (Studio City, CA) | March 2012

Snowboarding in Big Bear (Big Bear, CA) | March 2012

Sanctiond Launch Event (Los Angeles, CA) | March 2012

Formula DRIFT - Round 1: Streets of Long Beach (Long Beach, CA) | April 2012

Brandi's 29th Birthday Dinner (Thousand Oaks, CA) - April 2012

Long Beach Grand Prix - Formula DRIFT (Long Beach, CA) | April 2012

Stagecoach (Coachella Valley, CA) | April 2012

Formula DRIFT - Round 2: Road to the Championship (Atlanta, GA) | May 2012

Calamigos Ranch Lunch Date (Malibu, CA) | May 2012

9 Year Anniversary Dinner with Brandi (Tarzana, CA) | May 2012

Sunday Funday (West Hills, CA) | May 2012

Memorial Day Weekend (Oxnard, CA) | May 2012

Formula DRIFT - Round 3: Invasion (West Palm Beach, FL) - June 2012

Forza Horizon Launch at E3 (Los Angeles, CA) | June 2012

Formula DRIFT - Round 4: The Gauntlet (Wall, NJ) | June 2012

Justin and Samantha Welcome Their New Baby (Los Angeles, CA) | June 2012

Brothers of the Sun Concert (Anaheim, CA) | July 2012

Formula DRIFT - Round 5: Throwdown (Seattle, WA) | July 2012

Touring Seattle with Brandi (Seattle, WA) | July 2012

Tourists In Our Own City (Los Angeles, CA) | August 2012

Forza Horizon Q&A (Los Angeles, CA) | August 2012

Formula DRIFT - Round 6: After Dark (Las Vegas, NV) | August 2012

 1 Year Wedding Anniversary (Malibu, CA) | September 2012

Formula DRIFT Demo at the MavTV Indcar 500 (Fontana, CA) | September 2012

Rascal Flatts Concert (Irvine, CA) | September 2012

Pirelli Miles and Meals Cookbook Launch (Los Angeles, CA) | September 2012

Steve and Jenny Choi's Wedding (Malibu, CA) | September 2012

Formula DRIFT - Round 7: Title Fight (Irwindale, CA) | October 2012

Off to Italy with Brandi (Los Angeles, CA) | October 2012

World Travelers (Lugano, Switzerland) | October 2012

Our Final Dinner in Italy (Florence, Italy) | October 2012

House Hunting in Italy (Florence, Italy) | October 2012

2012 AFSP Out of the Darkness Walk (Culver City, CA) | October 2012

2012 SEMA Show (Las Vegas, NV) | November 2012

2012 SEMA Show - Last Work Trip of the Year (Las Vegas, NV) | November 2012

LA Unbound's 'Best of Unbound' Show (North Hollywood, CA) | November 2012

Friendsgiving at Brett's (Sherman Oaks, CA) | November 2012

RECARO LA Auto Show Event (Los Angeles, CA) | November 2012

2012 Motor4Toys Event (Woodland Hills, CA) | December 2012

Formula DRIFT - Hurricane Sandy Relief Fundraiser (Irwindale, CA) | December 2012

My Beautiful Nieces Nika & Giada (San Jose, CA) | December 2012

 My Brother's 40th Birthday (San Francisco, CA) | December 2012

Stone Family Vacation - Christmas (Palm Springs, CA) | December 2012

With everything I've done this year whether it be personal or work related, I've never felt as proud or as motivated as I am right now. However, I could have never done it alone now would I want to. There is one person who, on a daily basis, pushes me beyond my limits and way beyond what I feel is my potential. She shows me a new light, a new perspective and a fresh way of approaching what life throws at me. She makes me feel unstoppable. Without her, I can honestly tell you that I have no clue or inkling of where I'd be or what I'd be doing. But I know one thing, it wouldn't be this. I've never felt so rich - not financially, but physically, mentally, emotionally. 

Thank to everyone who has been a part of making 2012 one of the best years of my life. Most of all, thank you Brandi for not just allowing me to pursue my dreams, but for pursuing them together. You're a dream come true and I'll love you til the end...

Here's to many more memorable times, experiences and love to share in 2013 and beyond. 

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